Please contact me regarding pricing. I require a 20% deposit when ordering a guitar and the balance is due upon completion of the instrument. All shipping costs, taxes and insurance are the responsibility of the purchaser. Please inquire regarding current wait times.

     Each guitar is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship to the original owner for the life of the instrument. Proper humidification and up-keep arising from wear-and-tear are the responsibility of the owner.

Top: Spruce (Sitka/Engelmann) or Cedar
Back & Sides: Birds Eye/Curly Maple, Cherry or Walnut
Neck: Cherry, Walnut or Maple
Nut & Saddle: Bone
French Polished or Lacquer Finish
Sunburst and coloured finishes available in french polished and lacquered finish
Standard scale length: 64.5 cm. (60 - 68 cm. available)
Neck width: 44.5 mm. @ nut (or as preferred)


Patrick Hodgins

   Little Tree Guitars is the realization of my dream to build guitars with local, domestic, and responsibly harvested materials to create beautiful, well-crafted and ethical instruments. I'm proud to be using clear-grained sustainable woods that have excellent tone properties. My first guitar was made with wood that my father cut down at our farm and after building with exotics for many years I'm happy to find myself back where I began.

   I focus on simple but elegant design, excellent tone and an uncompromising structure. It is important to me that the player truly loves their guitar, how it sounds and feels, so that it is like an extension of them.
    When I was young I used to love taking things apart to figure out how they worked. Almost every toy I had got taken apart and as I got older some of them even went back together. I learned some carpentry from my dad and helped frame walls, sheds and additions. I was always very hands-on and I had been playing guitar since I was a kid, so when Sergei de Jonge offered me the opportunity to build a guitar it seemed like a natural fit.

During my apprenticeship with Sergei, I learned not only to build guitars but also to understand the intricacies of their construction. Sergei's skill and unique view of things helped me to see everything in terms of design and to push my abilities to try to meet his standards, raising the bar with each instrument. 
    I worked with Sergei in Oshawa, Ontario for 6 years. Following our wedding, Joshia de Jonge and I spent a brief time working in our Montreal shop. In late 2003, we helped Sergei set up a new shop near Ottawa, in the Gatineau hills and have since been sharing that shop with him helping instruct in the guitar making courses he offers. 

Exceptional Instruments made with High Quality
Domestic and Low Impact Materials


Lil Andy